In a windswept cottage on the North East English coast

hidden , in a dusty old attic…. lay a long forgotten… buttonbox……..

Through a very strange turn of magical events it became the home of some very special fairyfolk, who everyday love to make and play with all the treasures inside .

With the help of Granny Hastings the fairyfolk can make things just for you too.. from drawings to plaques, from gifts to tools and templates to make your own magical creations .. anything you can imagine Im sure the fairies would love to make it real.. so please step inside the buttonbox and see what you can find .

We can create commissioned original artwork, prints, personalised artwork and gift items.. and we love to design papercutting templates for all those clever papercutters out there .. anything you cant find in the buttonbox, drop us a line at contact us .. and we will see what we can do …


love from the fairies xx